1954born in Halle/Saale GDR
1963began playing trombone
1971-1977attended music school in East-Berlin
since 1972member of Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett
1972-77played dance music with College Formation, Manfred Schulze Formation, Klaus Lenz Big Band
1978compulsory military service (marching band)
since 1979freelance improvising musician • lives in Berlin • leader of several workshop bands
1979/80member of Andreas Altenfelder Quintett
1980 played first tour with saxophonist Peter Brötzmann
1981formed DOPPELMOPPEL with brother Konrad Bauer, Uwe Kropinski and Helmut Joe Sachse
1986began working regularly with pianist Fred Van Hove (trio with singer Annick Nozati 1987-2000)
1987-00 SLAWTERHAUS with Dietmar Diesner, Jon Rose, Peter Hollinger
1987began cooperation with composer Helmut Zapf & Georg Katzer
since 1988duo concerts with brother Konrad Bauer (BAUER BAUER)
1988/89joined “THE MAN IN THE ELEVATOR ” H.Goebbels and H. Müller
since 1990performed with German poet Uwe Kolbe
1992formed “THE TRADITION TRIO” with Alan Silva and Roger Turner
1994-96 member of “KLICK – CLIQUE” improvising dance and music ensemble with Dietmar Diesner, Sascha Wals, Franz Poelstra, David Zambrano, Mark Tompkins
1997joined FOURinONE with Martin Blume, Luc Houtkamp, Dieter Manderscheid
2002collaboration with Chinese guzheng player Xu Feng Xia (duo and trio with Martin Blume)
2004formed FUTCH with Thomas Lehn and Jon Rose
first concerts with Clayton Thomas and Tony Buck
first concerts with Ampio (Max E.Keller, Dietrich Petzold)
since 2005formed BAUER 4 with Konrad Bauer, Matthias Bauer, Louis Rastig | member of Peter Brötzmann Chicage Tentet
since 2007Trio “Sydney Graz Berlin” with Elisabeth Harnik & Clayton Thomas
2008 Founding member iTi (with Ken Vandermark, Paal Nielssen-Love, Thomas Lehn)
2009joined Joe McPhee Brass Ass | member of SOL12 | became member of GRID MESH
seit 2010 “Bouge” with Isabelle Duthoit and Luc Ex
2014 new Quartet with Lotte Anker, John Edwards & Paul Lovens
2016died at 6th May in Berlin

Johannes Bauer performed with: Derek Baily Company, Globe Unity Orchestra, Uli Gumpert Workshop Band, Grubenklang Orchester, Jazz Orchester der DDR, Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra, Fred Van Hove ‘t Nonett, Peter Brötzmann Alarm Orchestra / März Combo, Butch Morris Berlin Skyscrapers, Cecil Taylor European Orchestra, György Szabados Makuz Orchester, London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Alan Silva Celestrial Communication Orchestra, Ken Vandermarks Territory Band 4, Barry Guy New Orchestra, Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet u.a.